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Waste Management

The objective of today’s waste management strategies throughout the world is to move away from reliance on landfill towards the direction demanded by environmentalists of maximizing diversion by recovering, recycling, reusing, and generating clean energy. This requires a recycling infrastructure, favourable economics and an acceptable source of funding.

Landfill image REM Waste ManagementHousehold waste (MSW) is notoriously difficult to physically separate and there is a limit to the percentage of this complex waste that can be segregated at source by householders and MRF operators. From coffee cups to water bottles, expanded plastic food containers to plastic bags, what do we do with our waste streams and mandates to increase diversion from land fill, maximize recovery, recycle and reuse? Although many countries have adopted curb-side recycling and installed on-street storage units for paper, plastic and glass, this method has proved limiting, expensive and still results in a medium to low percentage of materials actually being recovered, with a significant portion of the materials still ending up in landfills.

While recycling methods have mainly been focused on MSW waste, other sources of waste such as the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional sectors have limited or no inclusion into the recycling markets and in most cases end up directly going to landfill.

ENTECH-REM takes the guess work out of managing waste by partnering to provide a sustainable waste management solution.

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