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Renewable Energy Management Inc. (REM) – To be the leading provider of sustainable waste management solutions while contributing energy to the communities we serve.

REM is in business to provide exceptional leadership, and services through new and valuable energy sources for our environment. This will maximize short and long term value for all stakeholders, improving our environment by reducing contamination, emissions and resource consumption.

REM is a Project Development Company that controls the Intellectual Property License for Canada, the United States as well as the Caribbean Territories of ENTECH-WtGas-RES™.Entech Facility 3 ENTECH is a global leader in low temperature gasification technology for converting waste into clean energy.

REM provides high-tech expertise in Domestic and International markets as an Energy Related Project Development Company with our primary objective to develop, own with strategic partners and manage projects within the bounds of our Intellectual Property Licenses. With the backing, experience and proven technology of one of the world’s leading energy from waste providers, REM is positioned to become a North American Industry leader in Waste Management, Waste Disposal and Energy from Waste related projects.



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